ABsolute Fitness & Personal Training


Monday - Friday
5am to 11pm

7am to 6pm


Monday, October 9
8am to 5pm
No classes or child care.

Childcare hours:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9 am to 12:00 pm

Tuesday and Thursday
9 am to 11:00 am

The cost is $2.00 per child per visit, or $15 monthly added to your membership fee (+ HST).

No childcare is available on holidays when the gym is open.

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ABsolute AllStars

2017  |  2016  |  2015

Each month at ABsolute Fitness, we highlight the members who have put extraordinary effort into their fitness to such a level that their energy is contagious and spreads to others throughout the gym.


Dennis Roberts

October 2017

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Kim Machan

September 2017

Full details »


Leigh Steckley

August 2017

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Peter Buehlow

July 2017

Full details »


Greg Huszarik

June 2017

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Karolyn Jardim

May 2017

Full details »


Mike Bender

April 2017

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Melissa Schiebel

March 2017

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Amanda and Matthew Tretheway

February 2017

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Patsy James

January 2017

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