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Monday - Friday
5am to 11pm

7am to 6pm

Childcare hours:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9 am to 12:00 pm

Tuesday and Thursday
9 am to 11:00 am

The cost is $2.00 per child per visit, or $15 monthly added to your membership fee (+ HST).

No childcare is available on holidays when the gym is open.

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ABsolute AllStar, January 2017: Patsy James

Each month at ABsolute Fitness, we highlight one of our members who has put extraordinary effort into his or her fitness to such a level that their energy is contagious and spreads to others throughout the gym.

How long have you been training at ABsolute Fitness?
I have been training at ABsolute Fitness for almost 10 years.

What got you interested in fitness?
When I moved from Tennessee to Canada, I wanted to get out and meet other people, and a friend recommended that I join ABsolute Fitness, and I have been there ever since.

How do you find/make time to get your workouts in?
I always find the time to workout, I make it a priority for myself, whether I do it at the gym, or in my basement with a workout DVD, I always get it done, it makes a happier, healthier me!

What tip(s) would you offer someone who is just starting out?
Patience and determination are key for beginners, it takes time to make positive changes, to not to give up, be patient, changes will come.

What is your current workout routine?
I like to train 5-6 times per week, I incorporate supersets and drop sets, while focusing on a variety of different rep-ranges.

In your opinion, what is the biggest benefit of exercising?
Exercising makes me feel strong and sexy for my boyfriends at the gym...and I've got to keep those hot studs happy!!! hahahaha jk (ABsolute Fitness note...we LOVE you for that Patsy!)

Exercising makes me feel great, It helps to keep me feeling energetic, keeps me healthy, and happy!

How has being a member at ABsolute Fitness helped you on your fitness journey?
Being a member at ABsolute Fitness has been an awesome experience for me, what keeps me motivated to come everyday is the amazing friendships that I have made along the way...I always leave there with a smile on my face, probably from a dirty joke that someone told in the weight room!