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No childcare is available on holidays when the gym is open.

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ABsolute AllStar, April 2017: Mike Bender

Each month at ABsolute Fitness, we highlight one of our members who has put extraordinary effort into his or her fitness to such a level that their energy is contagious and spreads to others throughout the gym.

Things use to be easier at 25! Eat, drink whatever – bounce right back. Well as I get older that’s not so easy!

I was always in decent shape, hard working. My weight and pant size stuck somewhat around the same area +/-.

However as I get older and over time things seem to slip away the weight comes and doesn’t go. For a while I lost focus. I would go to the gym do cardio lift some weights and well figure that’s good enough. However the weight didn’t go and the pants didn’t fit.

Finally figured this has to change. Asked for some advice from a friend at the gym, turns out she says eat right,  work harder and smarter.

So I found some focus and got to work.

In the last 3 months I dumped 20lbs. Built some muscle again and the pants are comfy!

I’m setting some goals and I’ll see just how far I can go!

How long have you been training at ABsolute Fitness?
Good question! I have been around for a while, I was a member back in the good ole days at the old location.

Then I took a prolonged break!

I’m bad with dates – it must be 5 or 6 years! Maybe more, who knows.

What got you interested in fitness?
I have always had an interest in fitness.

The guy in the mirror says get moving once and awhile!

I have a couple years to go to the big 50. So I figure I might as well be in the best shape when I hit it

How do you find/make time to get your workouts in?
It has become routine. It’s something that I want to do so I make the time. There is no magic calculation to schedule time. Just need to commit to it

Sometimes it can be a little hard. However once you get into the routine of making it part of your lifestyle it just becomes part of the daily deal.

There are struggles and conflicts from time to time. Just need to work around and fit things in.

What tip(s) would you offer someone who is just starting out?
Set a little goal. Make a little schedule. You don’t have to be superman or batman out of the gate.

Try different exercises don’t get stuck in the same comfortable rut day after day, mix things up.

Ask for advice, you will find almost everyone at Absolute has a little story of what has worked & what hasn’t

Doesn’t hurt to make a few healthy choices in the kitchen as well.

What is your current workout routine?
At the moment & on the recommendation of a friend I’m taking on a 90 day challenge. Started in Feb. I recruited the personal training skills of Chris.

So basically over the next while its 5 or 6 days a week at 5am with at least 1 rest day. Split up – chest & triceps, back, core, shoulders and biceps, legs.

Then a couple of 25 to 35min HITT sessions mixed in. A couple of times a week back at 530pm if needed to get everything done.

The routine will switch up a few times over the course of the 90 day, basically just keep working everything harder.

In your opinion, what is the biggest benefit of exercising?
The guy in the mirror looks better – feels pretty good too.

Progress and feeling better about yourself is a big part of it. Energy levels are higher. There is a certain amount of de-stressing that goes on when you exercise.

How has being a member at ABsolute Fitness helped you on your fitness journey?
The atmosphere at the gym is what keeps me coming back. You get to know the people and make friends. There are great laughs and smiles, a few frowns when hard at work!

It’s a great bunch of people.