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ABsolute AllStar, August 2017: Leigh Steckley

Each month at ABsolute Fitness, we highlight one of our members who has put extraordinary effort into his or her fitness to such a level that their energy is contagious and spreads to others throughout the gym.

Patients who exercise regularly tend to recover from surgery more quickly than patients who don't. This is the case of our client Leigh Steckley who, as a result of a fall during the winter, fractured his hip and had to have emergency surgery. Weight training and cardiovascular exercise helped Leigh in his recovery process. When your muscles and soft tissues are strong and well conditioned, they help stabilize the knee and protect the joints, helping you get moving again more quickly.

Meet Leigh

Well it's been four and a half months since I fractured my right hip.

On Boxing Day of 2016 I had emergency surgery for a fractured hip that I sustained as a result of falling on ice. I know, I'm a real klutz.

During the months of January and February I worked on my recovery at home with the assistance from a physio therapist. It was tedious, boring and at times depressing. However, I knew that healing would take place over time and by following through with the daily exercise and physical routine.

Working my way from a walker, to crutches, and a cane was a challenge but over time and practice, they were conquered. My physio guy said the time I had put in at ABsolute Fitness had sped up my return to working out quicker. The gym folks were always there smiling and encouraging my every gym time. Some of them even brought me meals to assist my wife Lois in her care giving role. What a caring group!

Chris, Liliana, Joanne and all my gym rat buddies were there motivating my journey of hope and recovery. I'm back 4-5 times a week working on my strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility. I'm also back to boxing. The speed bag and boxing dummy are helping my rhythm, focus and agility. Getting into a habit and routine is a must for me now.

It's still a long road but I do see the light at the end of the rainbow. I encourage everyone going through a physical trauma to never give up and to keep life in perspective.

Leigh Steckley